Enlivening Psychodynamic Psychotherapy with Emotionally-Focused Interventions: Video Illustrations

Focusing on affect and the expression of emotion has long been a key feature of psychodynamic/psychoanalytic psychotherapies (PDT).  While PDT therapists have always paid attention to the emotional life of their clients, they usually do not focus on accessing and processing emotions in the manner and to the degree that practitioners of emotion-focused therapy (EFT) do. By recognizing the power of emotion as a fundamental change mechanism, an increasing number of therapists who previously defined themselves a classically psychodynamic (e.g., fostering insight through interpretation) are now placing themselves in the “experiential camp.”  Developed in the 1980’s, Time-Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy (TLDP) has undergone several changes.  One of these is to emphasize experiential-emotional learning as a main therapeutic change agent.  The updated version of TLDP incorporates the EFT focus on accessing and processing feelings in the here–and-now that is seen as altering and even transforming old dysfunctional patterns of relating to self and others. In the presentation, Dr. Levenson will show video vignettes illustrating how emotional processing from an EFT perspective and focusing on recurrent maladaptive patterns from a PDT point of view can be synergistically combined within the same therapy.
Referentin             Hanna Levenson, PhD, Professor, Wright Institute, Berkeley, California, USA

Termin                    Montag, 5. Juni, 19.00 Uhr

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